Segaai Premium Plus 1kg
Segaai is one of the most famous types of dates that contain high nutrients and low sugars. We have given this type of dates a special care to ensure the highest quality and taste. This type is distinguished by its...
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Medjool Premium Plus 1kg
Mejdool is one of the most common dates types due to its moderate taste and firmed shape. It is delicious for eating as it contains, like other dates, high amounts of healthy food. Mejdool is suitable for those looking for...
$14.50 $9.80
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Sukkari Premium Plus 1kg
Sukkari is one of the most popular types because it has a sweet flavor. Its name is taken from its sugary taste (Sukkari in Arabic means that it tastes sweet or sugar). Its taste is crunchy and is characterized by its...
$18.00 $9.95
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Khiddri Premium Plus 1kg
Khiddri is one of the special dates that are popular for their delicious taste and their suitability to be presented on occasions as sweets, especially when they are stuffed with other natural ingredients such as nuts. The Khiddri is recognized by...
$7.50 $5.87
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Ajwwa Premium Plus 1kg
Ajwwa (or Ajwah, Ajwa) is the main type of dates in AlMadinah and it was famous for its nutritional and religious value. In addition to its high nutritional value, the Ajwwa dates fruit is characterized by its dark color, small size and...
$18.50 $12.33
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