Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Dates contain nutrients of high value that the human body needs in various stages of his life. Please see why dates page or the blog for more information on the benefits of dates for the human body.
All types of dates contain similar properties and 100% natural nutrients, but with different proportions. Most of dates types have higher levels of simple sugars (fructose, and glucose), but they differ in the ratio of (sucrose). Some types of dates taste more sweet when the level of sucrose in them increases, while others have a moderate taste in which the percentage of sucrose decreases. Please refer to the products page to see the average sugars in each type.
All types of dates are delicious and contain the same ingredients but in different proportions. Each person has his own taste, and some prefer a type of dates based on their preference for the taste, sweetness, degree of softness or firmness, or choose it based on the shape. If you do not have a preferred type, we suggest trying all types and decide which one is best for you and buy it more.
There are too many ways to eat dates, the most common is to eat dates directly or with coffee, water, milk, etc., or to stuff them with other materials such as nuts, or sometimes they are used in preparing delicious sweets and meals.
Jammara dates differ in that they are 100% natural and have been cultivated in natural land and are distinguished by their larger size, delicious taste and delicious shape. Please see Our Story for more details.
Good dates are distinguished by their fresh taste, delicious taste, and larger size, as well as freshness and a clean surface.
Dates shown in our store are 100% natural products and do not include any other products or ingredients.
Small quantities can be kept at room temperature if the weather is not very hot, but to maintain their taste and delicious flavor for a long time it is advised to store dates in the refrigerator with a temperature of 3 degrees Celsius to be taken out before eating them in an appropriate period. If the package opened, we recommend that you close it tightly and store it in refrigerator if the weather is not cold.
Dates can be kept in the freezer, and this helps to extend the period of keeping them fresh and with their original flavor when consumed. But there are some dates that are harvested before they are completely ripe and called (wet) must be kept in freezer until they are to be consumed.
Like other fruits, there is a period to store dates, and we recommend that the period of storing them in their original packages does not exceed 4-6 months at room temperature in cold areas, but the period of storing dates must not exceed the dates shown on the package, which may reach more than 12 to 16 months.
Our dates go through several packing stages that include cleaning and sterilization with authorized materials and then packing in packages made of quality materials. That process is done in a facility that follows all health procedures. Therefore, like any other fruits, dates can be eaten directly, and as desired. Dried dates can be washed with water before eating them. But for the packed and vacuumed dates, which are soft, they are eaten directly without washing."
• If you have some health conditions and follow medical instructions, we recommend that you review them. We also advise you to consult your doctor about your consumption of dates, the appropriate type of dates, and the number of dates you eat per day. • Allergy and dates: Dates are 100% natural products. If you suffer from allergies, please review the nutrients in them to make sure they are suitable for you or consult your doctor. Gluten: Dates do not contain Gluten and were packaged in facilities that produce gluten-free products. • Vegetable: Dates are 100% natural plant products. Halal: Jammara dates are 100% halal.
Dates contain 100% natural sugars as one of the properties of dates, which makes them very delicious, so they do not require honey or sugar to be added to them.
Currently our products are only available through our website, and we are working on providing them in some stores in certain countries. We will inform you in the future if they are available near you.
The number of energy units in dates varies from one type to another, so please refer to the dates page on the website or refer to the label on the dates package to find out the number of energy units.
Dates can be eaten at all times, for example, with breakfast, lunch or dinner, and there are those who prefer to eat them with coffee or with water, yogurt or milk, and others prefer to eat them on travel, road trips, hiking, camping, or as a snack during the day. Dates give you energy for the whole day, some peoples call it the whole food.
Dates are food. Edible items cannot be returned or replaced even if they are not open. However, if you are not satisfied with your order of Jammara Dates, we want to hear from you! Email us or call us at the contact information shown on the website.
If you do not receive what is in the invoice and the documents sent to you, please email us at with the word (return) in the subject field, along with your name, address and a copy of the invoice, and we may request a picture of the product. After checking the accuracy of the information, we may return the value you paid or replace the product with the correct product.
You can communicate with us through the contact page with us on the site.
Please send an email to with your information and store information to be contacted by our specialized team.
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