Our Story:

We at Jammara strive to provide our customers with the best quality dates. Our mission is to give you with natural, healthy, delicious, large size dates fruit for a reasonable price.

Our story of quality dates fruit starts from our farms or carefully selected partner farms. The soil where the trees grow is selected to be naturally rich, and clean. We then provide the soil with all necessary ingredients for healthy dates trees that produce very healthy and delicious dates.

To preserve the quality of our dates until it reaches our customers, we implement a quality and long process from tree budding, harvesting, washing, sterilizing, sorting, packing, storing, and shipping of the product. Our experienced team strictly follows quality procedures throughout the entire process.

Dates fruit grown in Saudi Arabia is very famous for its quality, deliciousness, and healthy ingredients. Our farms are located in the AlGatt province in Saudi Arabia, an area famous for its top-quality dates. We have plans to expand and utilize our dates farming experience and skills to more farms to meet the growing demand of our customers. We will also continue investing in our people, farming materials, equipment, process and technology. Our objective is to consistently provide our customers with tasty and delightful date fruit.


We believe that if you try our dates, you will be our permanent customer, so that you can constantly get healthy, delicious dates, delicious meals, and mouthwatering desserts for good health.

Our team loves to hear from our customers. Please send us your comments and suggestions so we can continue to enhance the quality of our products and services to meet your expectations.  You can send your message at our email: info@jammara.com


Jammara Co Ltd Credentials:

Licensed company under Commercial Registration No. 1010638138 from The Ministry of Commerce, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Registered for Tax and Zakat under No: 3105825669, General Authority of Zakat and Tax, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Member of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce. Membership no 564317

Our online store is registered under the Maroof Saudi registration system for online stores under no: 141553



The Quality of Jammara Dates:

Our care for quality starts with choosing the right and quality date tree as well as the quality and healthy soil where trees are grown. Our care for the date tree continues from the seedling stage until it becomes a productive tree. During its life, we provide it with the right and healthy ingredients. Our natural fertilizers are prepared on the farm by a dedicated team. To ensure that we provide a good quality dates that our customers desire, our quality process continues before and after dates harvesting.

After harvesting, a second stage of quality begins with cleaning dates fruit, removing impurities, grading, sorting, sterilizing and storing dates in a way that guarantees maintaining its high quality. Dates are then packed in high quality packages that are environment friendly, ensuring that our products reach the customer natural, fresh and with their wonderful taste.

During production, packing and storage process, each type of dates is kept separately and under production and storage conditions suitable for each dates type.

Our team is very experienced in dates farming, storing and packing. 


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