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Sukkari is one of the most popular types because it has a sweet flavor. Its name is taken from its sugary taste (Sukkari in Arabic means that it tastes sweet or sugar). Its taste is crunchy and is characterized by its ease for chewing with its fragile but firm shape at the same time. To be served on occasions as dates or stuffed with nuts, sweets and other foodstuffs which make it more delicious. Sukkari dates are suitable for people looking for crunchy dates with a sweet taste.


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Dates that Pleased you and your Body

How do you choose the right Dates product for you?

All types of dates contain the same elements and nutrients, but in different proportions. Most of dates types contain higher levels of simple sugars (fructose, glucose), but they differ in the proportions of double sugar (sucrose), which makes some of them have a sweeter taste if the proportion of sucrose is high, and others have a moderate taste in which the proportion of sucrose is low.

The numbers shown with each type of dates are an indication of the different contents of the dates types of sugar, and may change based on the location of the tree, the change in soil properties, the development of the fertilizer used, the difference in irrigation and temperature, but the general characteristics of the dates and its nutritional elements remain the same.

Our customers prefer the type of date based on their preference for the taste, sweetness, softness, hardness, or based on the shape. If you do not have a preferred type, we suggest trying all types to decide which one is best for you. And if you have some medical condition, we advise you to consult your doctor about the appropriate type of dates and the number of dates you take in a day.

There are tens of type of dates. Each type was given a name as a code to distinguished it from other types. Some names were very old dated to 100s of years ago.   In Jammara we selected the best and most demanded Saudi dates.

Our dates are packed in two forms: the first form is the vacuumed, pressed and sealed in special package to retain their moisture and freshness. It is called “maknouz” The second form is the dried lose dates where each single date can be taken easily out of the container. It is called “Fallah”.  Please note that some dates come in the two forms and some come only in one form as shown in our selections. 

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Sukkari Premium Loose 1kg
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